SK Labs formulates, manufactures, and packages custom nutritional supplements for both domestic and international markets. Our company brings over twenty years of experience and expertise in order to fully meet the needs of our customers. We can help you bring your ideas into reality and launch industry-leading products — especially in the exponentially growing market of sports nutrition.

At SK Labs, we have helped formulate and manufacture some of the best-selling sport supplements for athletes who want to excel in competitive sports and fitness. We address the various aspects that factor into athletic excellence: energy and recovery, protein intake, weight management, and overall nutrition.

The nutritional supplement market thrives because athletes are always striving to improve their own energy and stamina. From preworkout mixes to multivitamins and branch chained amino acids (BCAA), athletes look for products that can increase their endurance and longevity during workouts. At SK Labs, we manufacture various preworkout mixes, as well as amino acids and BCCAs in powder or hard-pressed tablet forms.


Energy and Recovery


Protein Intake


Weight Loss


Overall Nutrition

Our High-Quality Approach

Our customers trust us to formulate, flavor, and manufacture the protein powder supplements they need to have effective workout sessions. Our supplements include whey, milk, casein and soy protein, and our range of flavors is almost unbeatable: whether you are looking for a standard like chocolate or vanilla or a hard-to-find personal favorite, we provide our customers with some of the best-tasting protein powder supplements on the market. We also offer 100% natural flavors free of artificial food coloring and ingredients.

SK Labs recognizes that to succeed in today’s world of competitive sports, athletes need a proper foundation in basic nutrition and health. That’s why we manufacture weight management supplements in capsule or flavored, ready-to-mix powders. These are specially designed to help promote catabolism (the metabolic breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones), provide energy, and suppress the sensation of hunger so that you can work harder toward a healthier, happier version of yourself.

This blog will recap some of the best news and insights in sports nutrition, all seen through the eyes of one of the premier supplement manufacturers in the industry.