Most people have a general understanding of the health benefits of exercising regularly. Weight loss, increase in strength, and heart health are among the most commonly cited reasons motivating individuals. Those are not the only things regular exercise effects, though! We’ve compiled a list of a few more benefits you may not be aware of.

Mental Health

Working out can have a wonderful effect on your mental health – from anxiety to depression, and everything else in between. A good sweat a few times a week releases mood-boosting endorphins, sharpens the mind, clears the head, and over time, improves self-confidence. It’s amazing what a bit of exercise can do for the mind.

Boosts Energy

This one may come as a bit of a shock. You would think after a hard workout that you’ll end up more tired than alert! This is not always the case. Working out in the morning is just as effective, if not more, than a cup of coffee. The oxygen-rich blood circulating in your system assists in waking the mind up. Additionally, over time, exercise will increase your stamina and leave you feeling less tired after performing everyday activities like grocery shopping or taking the stairs.

Sleep Soundly

On the same coin, exercise can give you more energy, but it will also help you sleep better at night! At the end of a long day with a hard workout thrown in the mix, you’ll find yourself dozing off quicker and staying asleep for the whole night. It’s a good thing too, the increase in activity is going to require a good night’s sleep to keep you going for the next day’s session.

Fights Diseases

Committing to regular, weekly exercises can have a major impact on any pre-existing or at-risk diseases you may be subjected to. Diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and cancer can all be kept at bay or become more manageable with the help of a healthy lifestyle.