In today’s world, personalization is something we have all become very accustomed to. We almost expect it at this point. Personalization is quickly becoming the next big advancement in sports nutrition and fitness. The current trends are starting to shift to focus on the individual and what is best for their bodies. For a long time the industry has put out a lot of one size fits all nutrition plans and workout routines that work for most, but not all. This new trend is making a splash and could very well yield great results for those who use personalized plans. Here’s a look at three different areas that have been swept up in the personalization kick.


We’re starting here because personalized workouts are not a brand new idea. There are plenty of resources online to create custom workouts and personal trainers have been around for years. The reason personalized workouts are receiving new attention is because there’s an uptick in overall interest. Many people have tried different workout plans and programs, but either did not see the results they were looking for or it wasn’t something they enjoyed doing. A personalized plan puts the power in your hands to get exactly what you want out of your workouts. Plus, you can focus on problem areas, your body type, and take into account all the individual factors that were not thought about before.

Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans are truly a wonderful thing for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle catered to their bodies, food preferences, and nutritional needs. The food you eat is the single biggest factor to your weight, recovery, and muscle growth. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to cut, bulk, or simply stay where you are, the food you eat will be what helps you get there. Many people love personalized meal plans for those exact reasons. It’s made for them and their goals. You should enjoy what you eat and this is a way to make sure that happens and still helps you meet your specific nutritional needs.


As wonderful as personalized meal plans are, it’s often extremely difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs through food alone. Here’s where supplements come in and pick up the slack. The beauty of personalized supplements is that they are catered to your meal plan and your body. Our bodies all function at different levels and require certain levels of nutrients. A person’s food allergies and diet restrictions can also factor into a deficiency in nutrients that a personalized supplement plan could help fix.

Using all three personalized programs together can make an enormous impact on health and fitness. Catering the three biggest factors in fitness to your own goals and body will yield results quicker and have you feeling extremely healthy.