The study of sports nutrition deals with the improvement of one’s athletic abilities. Needless to say, Nutrition is an integral part of the sportsman’s regime, irrespective of the kind of sport you practice.

Both strength and endurance sports, need food supplements to enhance our body’s natural limits. With the latest diets found by our friends in lab coats, we can boost ourselves our maximum capabilities

Bruce Lee perhaps is the apex of the human body; he came up with the idea of supplements. However eating raw eggs isn’t everybody’s thing; the Gatorade Sports Science Institutes came up with three food supplements we could all use in our diets.


Dr. James Carter said that Nitrides are important for sports nutrition. They can help reduce the oxygen consumption of the body i.e. you can do more exercise for fewer amounts of energy.

Consuming these food supplements can help increase the tolerance in a workout session. Meaning you can perform longer and better high-intensity endurance workouts. Furthermore, it can also have a significant result on the Avenger gym goer for the high-intensity cardio exercise.

It is a food supplement found in Beet Juice. They contain Nitride Oxides that, when broken down, helps in blood pressure and flow.


According to the Carter, the latest diet includes Collagen. It is the thing found in bone, teeth, cartridges, blood vessels, tendons and so many other parts of the body. The latest diet research says that collagen helps in reducing the risk of injury as it strengthens the connective tissue of the body. It also increases the performance and force generation.

Collagen is found in orange vegetables such as carrots and sweet potato and Omega three rich foods like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Sadly most of the collagen-rich foods are meats, however, vegetarians need not despair as it is available as a supplement as well.


It is the compound present in the milk of mammals. Casein mainly helps in building muscles during sleep. Dr. James Carter explained that it is better to have some Casein before sleep for its optimum efficiency. Milk and cheese are two of the biggest Casein rich foods.

Ultimately it’s not about having one food supplement over another; rather than chasing the latest diet trend try to eat everything so that your body has the tools it needs to grow and develop.